You Can Only Post 1 of Your Own Videos Once a Month. Also No Advertising Your Channel Except in the Sticky Thread.

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Apr 13, 2018
Just a quick notice folks about YouTube advertising. We do not allow posting channel links outside the designated sticky thread ( If you have a channel that's where you post it one single time.

We do however allow posting YouTube videos that belong to you, in this section of the forums. You are allowed to post ONE youtube video that's from your own channel a month or every 30 days. You can post other peoples videos anytime, just don't take credit for it unless it belongs to you and only 1 per 30 days for your own channel. This rule also includes any video outside of YouTube including Twitch, Mixer, and other platforms. Just be sure to follow the 1 video a month rule.

We encourage users to share their content and for users to get to see that side of them. We just can't allow spam threads with channel links and valueless posts. It diminishes the forums look. Please follow these rules. I appreciate your cooperation.

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Not open for further replies.