Worst Fear About Growing Older?


Apr 18, 2020
What is your worst fear about growing older?

I have always been afraid of becoming incapacitated so much that I would be a huge burden on my family. But I remember when my in-laws were alive and their biggest fear was having their minds go. Too bad my mother-in-law got dementia at a very young age and I knew it was terrifying for her.


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Apr 13, 2018
Probably not having a retirement plan since I've been sick and haven't been able to work a job. I currently don't work because I've had issues with my mental health. I think what's wrong with me has something to do with the time period in which I go to sleep and also wake up. Doctors simply diagnosed it as a severe case of psycosis but it's been my belief for some time that's there's more going on then anyone has diagnosed yet. It's my belief this is due to the fact that my hallucinations are mostly physically there - Somewhat similar to a form of dyslexia. I have yet to tell my doctor I think it's some form of dyslexia only because as the days continue, it seems to more-so feel as if it's going to go away and subside. I do hear voices though that I can't explain though and I'm not sure if that may mean it's also Psycosis at the exact same time or some form of dyslexia where you also hear stuff.

They aren't nearly as loud as they used to be but still quite an annoyance. Mentally I'm not unstable but the symptoms are clearly there. The good news is it might go away and I'm praying it does. Recently I've been very close to at least feeling as if a recovery is near even though I have yet to recover. It's hard to tell because 1 minute you'll feel fine. And 10 minutes later feel terrible. I also feel bad most of the time, as if there's a pressure on my body and some type of irritation. The feeling bad part of it is the main reason I can't work as of now. Sometimes even getting through the day is difficult. If I got to be an old man and was still sick I guess is my issue. My family supports me but won't be around forever. Though I have an honest belief that recovery as near because there has been progress recently even though it's slow and feels as if it could subside any day.


Jan 31, 2021
Pain for me is my biggest fear. My joints are already awful, I have a blown knee and in the winter they literally grind and lock up at 27. I cannot imagine what time is going to do to them. My life is on the computer so getting to the point where I'm unable to type because of the pain seems like the worst outcome for me.


Mar 23, 2019
My memory is already pretty awful these days, which seems to have been a side-effect of my depression (though it's not really recognised as such). So I guess my current fear is that it's going to get worse, and I'll have dementia. It'd be awful not being able to remember my nearest and dearest..


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Feb 5, 2021
Age is just a number. At 27 I know what I like and I spend my time doing what's important to me and my life. My advice is to just live and don't worry about age. Do what makes you happy and that's all that matters. At 20, 30, 40 or 80 you could drop dead at anytime so there is no reason to stress over it. I was told when I have something that bothers me, will it matter in 1 day? 10 days? 10 weeks? If it doesn't matter in 1 day then forget about it and move on.

The alternative is dying young, which is dramatically less appealing. Are you worrying so much that it impacts your life on a daily basis or do you, while shaving, look in the mirror and briefly consider that one day you will simply cease? Don't plan your legacy yet, live your life.


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Apr 16, 2018
For me, dying.


May 4, 2018
I never really thought that growing up might be scary, but after recent events I will continue my life outside my hometown with new people and experiences. However, seeing all that makes me fear that people back home might forget about me people might pass come and go and after university I'm sure that life won't be that easily I need to be financially independent to make connections decide where to stay save up and set priorities. But after all that I do feel growing up is a journey as I get older challenges arise and well I've been facing them now so ill to continue to do so and maybe at the end of it I can see generations pass and say goodbye to the world. (sorry if it sounds too philosophical:LOL:).

Lord Saru

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Jun 6, 2020
The scariest part about growing up for me is loosing friends. I keep them so close to my heart only to realize that in the due course of time, people should move on and go their ways.

In an attempt to hide this evident fact, I try to come up with excuses to cover the guilt, only to understand that its part of growing up. Its scary. Its really really scary.


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Jan 28, 2021
Worst fear- Outliving others. I grew up with a lot of deaths in my family. More years I'm alive, more people I lose. Flipside, we learned to not take life & living for granted!