Who is your favourite artist and why.

Sir Twisted

Apr 18, 2020
Title is quite self-explanatory,
basically my favourite artist would be Dee Snider from the glam metal band twisted Sister I would say this individual because not only is he my favourite musician but he's also been quite an impact in my life, somewhat of an idol I would say.

I've been listening to his music since I was a young lad and I still do now I'm in my 20s, helped me through quite alot then and now.


MP Founder
Apr 13, 2018
Favorite artist is Jamie Maddrox from the rap group Twiztid. Hands down he's a lyrical genius sometimes. I enjoy his music quite a bit. It's really a duo group though so my second favorite would be Monoxide Child. They rap more detail in their songs rather then some rappers that just rap about money and woman....etc There's more life in the music so it's something I like to listen to from time to time.


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Jul 4, 2018
Mark Shelton from Manilla Road, a heavy metal band from Wichita. He's been producing music since 1977 without any support of any music label even though his band is high regarded in the metal world, but that didn't discouraged him and been into 3 projects (Hellwell, Manilla Road and with Chastain).

Also i met him the only time they played in my country. Sadly he passed away in 2018 but his legacy will live forever. He wasn't a great guitarrist but his style was unique among other heavy metal bands like Judas Priest.



Dolly Parton, Avril Lavigne and Pink mostly for me. I’m currently obsessed with her hit song “Get the party started”.