Where Do You Go For Designers?


Kings Of All Kings!
Feb 5, 2021
I was just looking around at twitch subs badges and emotes to other graphics designs that people have and for me to get the ideas. I can make my own up myself but it's not good, aren't that professional and it's just bad. Yet free in my case. But for professional work, you really need to look at paid based sites like Fiverr. Yet it's not cheap, most designers start at $5 and end at a max of $60 and for what I needed it's $20 worth for one single design.

Other then what's been said where do you get yours from or what sites that you go to? Own3d is good but it's always the same and not custom.

I think what's stopping me that I can't think of design ideas, LOL


Jan 31, 2021
If it's logos, intro's, promo videos, etc. I go through myself as I own my own company for that sort of stuff, same thing with most websites. However, when it comes to Xenforo themes I've only ever made one so I tend to go through Xenforo's marketplace and find a theme/style, or find someone who will make it from scratch.


May 6, 2020
I'll search the main Xenforo forum for any offering their services or I'll check out sites like fiverr or DeviantART for themes or logo makers.