When friends/family ask for free Graphics


Jan 31, 2021
It depends on who it is. My baby brother who's 9 I believe asked me for a logo and I made one up
However, if anyone else that actually has the capability of making money in my family or friends I tell them my prices. Family or not, in my opinion it's rude to ask someone to do something without offering compensation. It's like going up to your buddy who owns a company demanding free stuff from it. You need to support them, and actually pay for it like anyone else.


Kings Of All Kings!
Feb 5, 2021
Treat them as a client. Send an estimate for what you'd charge a real client for the work, along with a basic contract with terms scope, payment instalments, the whole thing. :p I mean why not :p

If they baulk at paying, tell them you'll try to fit in work for them as a favour in your spare time between paying clients. Paid work gets prioritized. Always. If you present yourself as a pro, they'll eventually get it that you don't work for free.
Sep 30, 2020
I probably won't do it for them, unless I get something in return. I hate doing free work on something, if I am already getting money out of it.