What's your theory on how they built the pyramids?


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Apr 13, 2018
Explain in latent terms you theory on how they built the pyramids. Currently a lot of people believe aliens helped. I personally do not believe in this myself. However they must have had some type of highly advanced technology. I personally believe they did possess an advanced form of technology that today we know nothing about.

Share with us your belief on how they were built. Obviously they couldn't have dragged stones that weighed tons not even to the site where it was built, even if they could have somehow managed some type of pully system which isn't likely either. Personally I think they were able to lower the weight of the stones somehow. Built I'm currently not sure as to how. Somehow or another their technology allowed them to lower the weight.

How were they built? What's your ideas


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Jul 4, 2018
This also applies for structures built within the Mayan/Incas/Aztecs empires.

I believe that that they used sheer force. They have millions of slaves working for them. Stacking big sized bricks seems to be very hard though, there must be some kind of engineering knowledge they developed throughout the years, arabs and egyptians were good mathematicians.