What's your set up like?


Jan 31, 2021
When making youtube videos, streaming to sites, etc. what is your setup like and how much money did you spend on it?

For me, I blew out my knee on deployment and they gave me $12k severance pay so I ended up spending over 2k on a streaming set up. I have the Shure SM7B, Scarlett amp for the microphone, Sennheiser high end headphones, a 4k monitor, green screen and professional lighting. So I was wondering what others have when it comes to your videos/streams :)


Kings Of All Kings!
Feb 5, 2021
Do you have any money left over for me? :p I like to get purchase things to able to help me out and get me out of the box. I do not have an extreme setup but it's better than nothing. My Desktop is around $2100 Did not get it all at once, I got the parts over time as I can afford it. I wish that I had a 3080 rather than the 1660TI. My Monitor isn't 4K however it's 1440p at 165hz with all gaming tech that it has, and it's IPS :) that's like $1000. Microphone setup is like $300 all up, Audio-Technica AT2020 with Behringer UMC22 and that the cable is $12.

No lighting setup, no green screen, no stream deck, the webcam is just C920 :) Have G29 wheel and joystick, If I had $3000 then I get a good GPU with all things that I'm missing :) and another monitor :)