Apr 18, 2020
I was listening to the radio and they asked the question of what's an everyday thing that's not romantic but becomes romantic when your significant other does it for you. One of the answers was clear the car of snow.

What would you think is something that you would find to be romantic even though it's an every day thing?


Kings Of All Kings!
Feb 5, 2021
My love language is the time together with one, Who I have no girl anyway. I don't need gifts or dates, hate dressing up nicely, restaurants and eating aren't fun but I love them regards what the food you get, too impatient to sit through a movie. So, my idea of a date and a romantic one is not a good yet robust conversation and being listened to/engaged with.

End of the day just find someone interesting, ask questions, share perspectives, play video games, shoot the shit. My anniversary is the day that Civ. 6 comes out, so I want to play it, shoot the shit, and spend time doting on one another. THAT'S romance, to me


New member
Jan 28, 2021
Someone who loves you for you. Does those little things 'just because'. Doesn't need a 'day' to show their love for you. Someone who is your best friend & knows what you want, what you will say, sometimes before YOU do lol