What would YOU title this?

Mr. Cream

Apr 16, 2018
I write.

You defeat me
You defeat me
You have no authority
yet you hold it over me
I cant and I wont let you get away!

This time is mine no infraction
You seem to be one who cant read between the lines
Are you out of your mind?
Loose lips sink ships and it seems you been walkin' on water
You slithered through the cracks in conversation
You bleed them dry no hesitation
Like a snake, suffocation

I do not try and fail
Tried and true to what I do
You cant expect much as you don't know such
Dont try to think or speak for me

I am the one who built this
YOU are the one who joined
Never knew you, never cared to
But I played devils advocate
Gave you your moment, you blew it!

This time is mine no substitution
You couldn't see through the vague
You were out of your mind!
Loose lips sink ships and it seems you been claimin' father
Your sly and deviant you found your own solution
And you misused it with ill preparation
Like a thinker without narration

You'll never rise again!
You'll never rise again

Well do i have something new for you
Telling stories hidden with so much euphemism
With knowledge you've no literation
Otherwise you could explain the things you do to a person

I admit you had your bit, your moment, call it what you will
But on atop of my throne again is where i sit so just sit still!

Mr. Cream

Apr 16, 2018
Well a buddy's band of mine is now working on the song! i will provide more lyrical input with them, maybe even some vocals.


Super Moderator
Jul 4, 2018
When i read never to rise again i remembered my beloved song from Dark Angel's "Never To Rise Again" talking about false prophets about the apocalypse.

Never To Rise Again i guess it's a cool name :p