We have a new VIP

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Apr 13, 2018
Everyone give @Malcolm a nice round of applause for obtaining VIP. We had an agreement when he got to 100 posts I would make him VIP. He fits the role quite well. I usually choose this role for someone who has their own website like I do and helps out a lot on the site. He is still new to the site but that was our agreement and I mainly chose him for it because it just fits him quite well. I believe he will be active on a lot on the site in the coming days, just as I plan to be active on his site CodeForum and I believe I have made the right decision.

For now, there will be no more VIPs. Currently we have @Malcolm our new VIP and also @Trueprime as well. I plan to add 1 more VIP in the near future. This will be dependent on contribution and how active you are and if you have at least 100 posts. This person will be chosen sometime after we start to get more active users joining the site. I look forward to anyone else who may possibly receive this role. For now I'd like to see more activity, but this position will be up for grabs in the future when there is more people.

Congratulations @Malcolm


Super Moderator
Jul 4, 2018
Well done @Malcolm ! Your new role fits you so well! Keep the good things coming! (y)
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