Twitch/YouTube Sponsorship


Kings Of All Kings!
Feb 5, 2021
Lately, I was viewing twitch streamings and seen that one of the following people that I do follow has now sponsored with an energy drink, did my fast and easy research and the results that they look at streamers and then they contact them rather then people joining and requesting.

Got me thinking, for those that are small or big how do you look at getting sponsorship? I mean real-deal sponsorship :)

I myself who is a streamer with over 1K followers and I'm part of a twitch team and also partnered with a radio station, well the deal is I advertise them and they give me a shoutout over the air :) even that I do not get many benefits from it.

When it comes to sponsorship it means to me that you get something back, money or get 5% cashback.