The teacher that influenced you most


Apr 18, 2020
Which teacher or professor had the most influence on you?

I had a physics teacher who was nicknamed Yoda because he just had that look. My friend and I used to go to his apartment (because she wanted to flirt with his son) to get homework help.

He once said that our young brains couldn't fully grasp the concept of physics but wait a couple years and then boom it would suddenly become clear. And it did. I was sitting on the train going into Chicago on my way to art school and I got it! Momentum! Force! It just made complete sense. I went back to him at school on Alumni day and he was so proud as I explained it all :)


MP Founder
Apr 13, 2018
I would probably have to say my track coach in the 7th-8th grade and team sports coach in high school. My track coach taught me a lot. A lot of what I learned is to push the limits of what your body can handle and never give up. I ran the 800 meter, long jump, and discuss. I actually am pretty fast to be honest. My track coach was the best coach I ever had. My team sports coach taught me a lot about self-respect.