The life of Nikola Tesla


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Apr 13, 2018
Who here is interested in Nikola Tesla or know who he is?

He is a very popular inventor who tried to invent a way to use free energy. Today we use energy that exists in one place. His idea was to harness an energy underground and use it across all parts of the globe creating a free current of energy that anyone could use. Instead of having to pay an electric bill every month you could get it for free.

Later he died before his invention was complete. Some of you may not know he also had invented the light bulb like Thomas Edison but Thomas Edison had a different type of current he used called DC current or "direct current". Nikola tesla used AC current or "alternating current".

A lot of people never knew who he was due to the fact that AC current lost it's popularity shortly after he died and everyone used direct current.

The history channel speaks all about his inventions and how they could have changed the world. Thoughts?


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