Summer or winter sports?


Apr 26, 2020
Are you more of a person at the beach playing volleyball, or are you a winter thrillseeker, zipping your way around a skiing course?

I do love both styles of activities so it would be difficult for me to make a decision, but I definitely have more experience with summer sports. I love being outside watching football and cricket in the sunshine, and most of the sports I watch on the television are summer based. I certainly could not imagine standing still outside for too long in the snow! I went skiing earlier this year and I was terrified at first, but it ended up being really enjoyable. However if I stood still too long, it quickly became cold!


MP Founder
Apr 13, 2018
I haven't played volleyball since middle school. But yes that is actually really fun as a sport. Sports I like to play are basketball and soccer and I haven't in a decent while but if I was around a basketball court or a group of people that were serious about a Soccer match I definitely would take them up on it! :)