Stoicism and Primadonna Culture


Mar 31, 2019
I've been seeing so much stuff about stoicism - and maybe writing cynical stuff in return - possibly because so many guys want to "say they're tough" - but it's always better when it's lived and not said - kind of like with religion.

Anyway, the root of this primadonna stuff - is certainly an outgrowth of identity politics. Every group is claiming special rights - and victim-hood - including, ironically, white people. However, though I don't feel being a snowflake (primadonna) is the best way to deal with life.


MP Founder
Apr 13, 2018
Yeah haha seems @Hope just wants to share what he's learned with everyone on the site. A couple older presidents -> vice presidents practiced it which is mainly why he's shared it with us. Also it relates to forum nature, as in don't let your words speak your actions alone. You must be consistent in a forum to really reach the people you want to listen to you and not let your words depict you incorrectly. I'm new to the whole idea to be honest but it makes sense when I thought about it with forums