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Apr 16, 2018


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Apr 13, 2018
One of the biggest Totalitarians in history though it does seem that way this time around in America. No proof has been given so I won't claim any type of truth to it. I do question whether Trump would have won regardless of any type of dead people voting - People voting twice.

One thing I thought about making a thread for is a woman that came to my house about 4 months before the election saying she was from the Census and took answers to certain questions and asked how many people lived in my house. She was in a car and apparently went around the whole neighborhood. Found it odd. All I know is regardless of whether there's foul play which I can't suspect it's possible in America but won't deny I am un-certain about it, I will say that mail in ballots seem to be something that needs to be looked at close.

Mail in ballots are an issue that in my opinion cannot be overlooked without being looked at - I'll end my post there.