So I plan to revamp some of the sections possibly tonight

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Apr 13, 2018
Yes I plan to revamp some of the sections sometime tonight. Possibly add a couple more and add sub-forums to certain areas instead of having them all spread out into 1 forum each. Some of you may be familiar with this layout. Done before on other sites. Here's a pic as an example Laifot was so kind to message me earlier.


That's just an example and there definitely won't be this many sub-forums. But this way I may even be able to add a few more and also cut down on some of the areas. I'm open for any suggestions but don't be mad if they're not used as currently this is a very important aspect of the site and any changes need to be treated with care and devotion. But I am open to ideas on how we can re-organize it using the method in the image. I also don't want too less sections because the sidebar will extend past the forums. However as I said it gives me the ability to possibly add a few more.

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