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Apr 18, 2018
What is you're setup looking like? im super curious on what cha got in your system!


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Mr. Cream

Apr 16, 2018
2 24 inch 60 hz benq monitors, a ryzen 1800x OCed to 3.95, a corsair ih60 single 120 mm rad for cpu, an x370 asrock taichi motherboard, 24 gigs dual channel ram, could use another stick all are 3000 mhz, z 850 corsair rmx psu, 3 SSds- 1 sandisk 120, 1 crucial mx200 500gb, 1 kingston 120 gb, 1 Hitachi 350 gb hdd, 1 toshiba 3 tb hdd, 1 mediamax (unbranded) 1 tb hdd, and a seagate 160 gb hd along with another 2 tb western digital hdd and also 3 16 gb flash drives for os's and bios flashing, and also a corrupt 750 gb samsung hdd which im trying to recover. I have an rx 480 8gb msi overclocked at 1380 mhx. Clock speeds do not matter much in gaming I have a 1070 from with much better clocks but the cards preform just about identical and with my ryzen system the 480 gives more performance. I also have a DIY - Skyline red Pc build Case. Great for airflow. Plenty of drive bays to put everything and can always buy sata and power connectors to add more drives. I also have touch screen temp fan controller in front a red led strip all throughout the case from rosewill a bunch of 1800-2800 rpm case fans and I also have a rear exhaust port @ 4000rpm for more airflow. And with my radiator its a push/pull design. I really want a Zotac amp extreme 1080 or a gigabyte aorus 1080ti or is it evga, the one with the highest clocks. Basically this whole rig with most boguth at launch was $3800 US smackeroos.
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Apr 15, 2018
one 24inch acer 144hz monitor +19inch from LG 60hz
Ryzen 1700 3,5GHZ
16GB ddr4 3200hz ram
gtx 1060 Asus Rog :)
Kingstone ssd 120gb
320GB hdd 5400RPM
1TB hdd 7200RPM
500GB hdd 7200Rpm
80GB old hdd for movies/testing stuff
and external hdd 1TB maxlore prolly 7200RPM not sure
am4 370x MOBO
thats about it xD for pc i belive
pheriperals (probbably wrong spelled)
RedDragon kusura keyboard
RedDragon Titanoboa mouse
RedDragon mousepad 800x300mm
1080P unbranded webcam :p
BM 8000 mic

if i missed anything feel free to ping me :D
also i have ps1 ps2 and ps4 xD planning on gettin all 4 and wraping them into Sticcker Bomb vinyl

Ps vita and soon psp xD forgit aboout dat

Mr. Cream

Apr 16, 2018
Nice i plan on gettign a new intel and ryzen 2700x machine later this year with custom meshify jmin atx/itx case roxing an intel i9 18 core wtrec


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Apr 18, 2018
Intel Core i5 6600k skylake oc'ed to 4.2, turbo at 4.5
Corsair Vengeance LPX 16 gb 2666 MHz, currently at 2800 MHz for stability for oc
CoolerMaster Hyper 212 Led, good enough for my own needs
Msi Z170 Gaming Pro Carbon Motherboard
Sapphire Nitro R9 Fury Stock Clock, Custom Fan curve (msi afterburner)
Samsung Vpro 850 128 gb m.2 ssd for OS and Important stuff
Wd Blue 3Tb 5400 rpm Hard drive for mass storage
4 Fans, Neutral setup: 2x Corsair Af120
Asus 16X dvd drive
Kingwin fpx-001 3 pin Fan controller (can control 4)
Corsair Spec-03 Case, chose due to airflow, space, and aesthetics
Monitor: Asus VG245H, nowhere near the best, but still performs
Keyboard/mouse: CoolerMaster Devastator 2 Blue
Sound A: Turtle Beach Stealth 350 VR surround headset
Sound B: Bose Companion 3, love them
Running Windows 10 Pro, OEM key

My entire setup, namely my computer, has been stability tested for reliably. I tested my computer under prime95 and furmark, stock and overclock. I have attained a stable clock up to 4.6 at 1.37 volts. As from the results, I did not in any way win the silicon lottery. Temperatures observed at the time of testing were no more than 68c gpu, and 54c cpu MAX respectively.

When I added up the price back a year or 2 ago, it was around 2500 for everything, plus the few days that I sunk in to make sure that it works the way that I wanted it (pulled this from memory, I am amazing, thank you) This picture is a joke.

Mr. Cream

Apr 16, 2018
I need aretro build to play al my titles from 2003-2009 effectively on. Like velvet Assassin, The Saboteur and Timeshift aLl good games,.

If you have a build of a video of your yourself custom building, upload it, we would love to see it!