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Scheduled offline time this afternoon for site upgrade

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MP Founder
Apr 13, 2018


Hello. The only thing recently stopping me from upgrading the site was a content ratings add-on that I had used that had not been updated. As you know Xenforo 2 has default reactions. I have found a way to import the reactions. I will be upgrading the site this afternoon. The site will be hidden while this process is going on. And that's to 2.1.1 we will be upgrading to.

There are a lot of nice features I'm excited for us to be using when we make the upgrade. Please be patient so that this process is done correctly. I know what I'm doing but I need your patience. I will give it about 15 minutes before I hide the site and get to work. Thank you for your interest in Mind Piff.

I will also have to re-do the icons and install new versions of add-ons too. Because Xenforo 2.1 has a new version of Font Awesome this may take a while.

- TopSilver
Not open for further replies.

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