Mr. Cream

Apr 16, 2018
What you think.

In the distance
With every chance
You dance
Every move enhanced
I'm entranced
Your beauty's forbidden,
No love stricken
Even though smitten
No admission
Hope and vision
Sit in remission
Mornings stand still
Unable to un-kneel
Yet humble skill
Lead to feel
The future's real
You know not, but what I'm able
Existence or fable
So I scramble
Letters by the table
Biding imitable
Energy ample
Trust me this isn't easy
In your eyes I see
Pools of me
But do you realize
Our encounters
Divine Th is I recognize
I only hope
You can cope
And just know
I can let go
To torment soul
Just to show
It wont grow
Im normal too
Like you Hopes, dreams
You're living proof It seems
Maybe this our moment
To forget the past
With the present and hold it
Capturing as lovers
For once and forever

wrote to this beat

Mr. Cream

Apr 16, 2018
No one saw this? Bump. I want peopel to see this and tell em what you think. I might start posting works here, but not if i get no traction.