Refer your friends, new referral add-on added

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Apr 13, 2018
I have recently added a new referral add-on. If you get a user to sign up, all you have to do is have them type in your mind piff username on the registration form and it will count towards your referral amount.

You can also copy your referral link to your clip board and use the referral link. For a lot of users this is much easier. Simply using the referral link will add to your count if they sign up after clicking your link. You can find your referral link on the forum homepage at the top.

The users with the top referrals will be displayed on member page you can access via the navigation and also referral amounts will be added to the visitor panel as well as the member card.

Referrals will also show on the member profile page in it's own tab once you get your first referral.

As of now we are not running actual contests. This may happen in the future when we get more users but not currently.

I look forward to you guys getting out there and inviting your friends. :D
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