Random poll. Channel 13 or Channel 17?

Channel 13 or Channel 17?

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Apr 13, 2018


This is not a spam thread because I'm interested in seeing what you guys vote for. I go a long ways back with this type of deal and would like to know if anyone prefers 17 over 13.

Doesn't make much sense to some of you but there's an interesting theory that if you turn your TV to static on channel 13 and stare at it long enough, especially if you have 3d glasses on (no kidding put on some 3d glasses and give it a go) you will go into a trance that will allow you to channel certain spirits.

For those of you who do not believe you are good in my book just don't make fun of what lurks in the shadows because as evil as this world is in the living, god only knows what the deads like. It's like feeding a calve to a bull. 1 trillionth of the world is already dead. It's not to be disrespected by the living yet at the same time if it wasn't real then we would be erased from existence the moment we departed. So choose wisely. Let me know what you choose. Votes on this one are public.

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