PSP or DS Lite?


Apr 26, 2020
Gosh, I am 23 years old now and it has been years since I have picked up one of these hand-held devices. Everyone at my school when you could bring your games in, would bring in either one or two of these. Even before the crazy technology times we are living in today, these were way more popular than board games.

So which one did you have and what kind of games did you play on it? I loved to play Mario Kart on the DS.


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Apr 13, 2018
I had a 3DS for quite some time. Invested many hours into playing different Pokemon games on them. One of the hardest I've ever played being Pokemon White. I survived to win the game with the smallest amount of HP left on my last pokemon. As for mario kart I played that too.

They have a new system coming out for handhelds. I don't know when it will release. I heard something about a Nintendo DX from some where but I'm not exactly sure what the update is or if that was a rumor. I'm sure they'll release a new one outside the switch for a better 3DS soon though.


Mar 23, 2019
I still have my PSP, although it's now sat gathering dust.. :LOL:

I softmodded it to play many of my favourite PlayStation games, as well as a few retro games from the Genesis and the SNES. Several of my friends have borrowed it when they've gone travelling and have offered to buy it, but I can't quite bring myself to part with it. Who wouldn't want to play the likes of Final Fantasy VII when they have a 20+ hour flight to endure!


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Jul 4, 2018
I played a good amount of PSP and DS games and i can say that PSP was far more interesting, it is a more powerful console and the game catalogue is more vast.

The RPG department is a tough one, the Zelda's game is very good on DS but so are the Ys games on PSP. Also you have all the pokemon games which are great.

Now that both consoles are affordable maybe you should get both.


May 6, 2020
I have and still have both. Which both handhelds have their fair share of good games, I think the DS lite was much better.