PS5 or Xbox Series X?


Gaming community
Mar 23, 2019
Which of the two will you be buying? Or will you be getting both at some point? For me, it has to be PS5, I've been a Sony user since day one. The controller I'm very much used to it and every else too. Xbox/Microsoft hasn't been my most favourite. How about you?


MP Founder
Apr 13, 2018
The Xbox Series X for the little shits who if they don't buy it for Halo 6:Infinite then they better buy it for the 8K capabilities that I swear it's going to have (PS5 as well).

But no really, I almost have issues releasing piss into my pants for the god hell good game that is going to release in Halo Infinite. There is no greater first console release that will come than this. This is the grandaddy of all titles coming out. And with Microsoft preparing the next gen for a real VR system, I think I can go ahead and let that pee go now. No in all seriousness when they tested out the Holo Lens at E3 they had a Halo game connected to it that they let users play. Basically VR Halo. There is no great shit I would enjoy in my entire life. This should be on YouTube if you look it up. This next gen will be the best they've ever made regardless of if your on the Xbox or PS5. Either one will blow your mind.


Mar 16, 2019
Neither just yet, I have to put my Xbox One to use some more before I can feel good about getting a new one.