Politics and The Olympics


Apr 26, 2020
This is an area that keeps coming up in my studies and I find it particularly fascinating. The International Olympic Committee (IOC) seem to have always denied that The Olympics is political but for many, it is clear to see this claim can be a bit hypocritical. There have been countless instances of The Olympics used as more than just a sporting event, in regards to politics. For example the black power salute of 68' and the 1936 games in Berlin known commonly as 'Hitler Games'.

What examples of politics in the Olympics have you noticed? Do you feel this overthrows the significance of the sporting elements of the games? Isn't sport what it should be about?


MP Founder
Apr 13, 2018
I would have to say political agendas in the Olympics may be possible but since it's International I think it's more-so each country trying to get a top finish so that their countries sports teams look tougher. There's nothing like pride from a country when they have a Top Finisher in any of the events or if a team actually wins on their behalf. There's nothing wrong with that pride because it's something to be proud of.