Other Advertising Techniques


Kings Of All Kings!
Feb 5, 2021
So, while I'm posting and reading around the forum I was seeing that if there were other networks that offer good payment options with a better outcome then to Adsense. I have been with Adsense for six years, however, till and as of today I only had $120 ;(

I made a post stating that what happens https://www.mindpiff.com/threads/adsense.1639/post-7276 regards what google did and taken and removed 80% or more., Any way other then AdSense or maybe you use both :p what other networks out there?


Jan 31, 2021
With adsense on a 500k+ website with just under 40k members I was making $100 /mo off of adsense. I found paid monthly ads were the way to go. I had a footer, and under the first topic showcase adsense and a third ad on the header that was paid. I'd have 4+ paid a month for $20/mo so was making as much as adsense with 2 ads for just 1 ad. The webmaster site I'm working on will have a spot for paid ads to be displayed, as well as buysellads, etc. offer services such as that to find.


MP Founder
Apr 13, 2018
$100/mo still isn't bad. I'd take that any day. Would be happy to make that in 4-5 months. Currently there are other publishers you can combine with adsense, such as I have done just recently. Were using 1 other called info links. Different techniques can be used such as inframe ads which are ads that scroll with you until you exit. There won't be but 1 of those on our site at any time. Possibly a 2nd in the post area tops. I still encourage webmasters to not have ads for their members logged in. You can also setup their affiliate links as I did just today when your logged out as well. They pay out to paypal and their minimum threshold is only $50.

Later on in the cycle life of Mind Piff I will probably enable the affiliate links for users logged in. If I add any ads in that case it may only be 1 below the first post. That won't come until a good bit in our life cycle and I will be sure to give an option to possibly pay something cheap like $10 one time to be ad-free forever.