Octopath Traveler, a true Gem for the Switch


MP Founder
Apr 13, 2018
I have not played this game yet but as far as I'm concerned, it's the next game I'm buying.

It's called Octopath Traveler. First I want to say if you like Pokemon then this is the game you should be buying. It's just like Pokemon but without the Pokemon. It's RPG turn based game similar to Pokemon but also different. It has a more medevilish look than the pokemon style but it looks so interesting to me.

This is a triple A title that cost $60 but it's seems so worth buying. If you were a fan of the pokemon games on the 3ds and DS you will love this game.

I have seen some gameplay and I'm just itching to get some extra money and buy it. The story looks amazing too. You can search it on YouTube to see some gameplay but I can see myself playing this for the 80 hours of gameplay that it has next time I get some money to spend.

Has anyone ever played it or would you consider buying it? There's also a free demo for it on the nintendo eshop.