New York City Considering Fines for Public Gatherings: Live Updates


MP Founder
Apr 13, 2018
Here where I live at they have something called a "stay at home" order where you could possibly receive a class 2 misdemeanor charge for leaving the house. Pretty pathetic they tried to get away with going against the constitution of the united states. To be honest I realize the pandemic here but putting the whole state on house arrest county by county is against the United States Constitutional Amendments and had anyone choose to take the United States into a court of law they could get away with far more than you think as far as the justice system is concerned. The United States could be sued for not only quite a bit of money but certain people in power could face criminal charges.

They seem to think that they can break the law. "Do as I say, not as I do" and seem to think that it's okay to change the law as well in ways that screw the entire system up. I'll have you know that half the laws that have been changed erratically have screwed up the entire justice system. These folks don't realize what they've done. If you know anyone that's a lawyer whether they're willing to admit it or not is an entirely different subject but this is how it works. Make laws that go against the foundry constitution, and you know what happens.

This happens. You break one law, another law is put in it's place that can completely override the law you broke. This is a broken system. That is actually 100% fact. If you have seen what people do in prison a lot is read law books and try to find a law that can give them less time or even free them from their prison sentence. What you don't realize is laws that are written or "libel" will completely raticate any laws that are put in it's place.

The government had a good system up until about 2012 when they started making bogus laws. Such as "you can't send someone a naked picture on your phone even if they say they want you to". That's actually a law Obama put in place and that is also unconstitutional.

All I have to say is these suckers better liven up with what their doing or they will face more than just a batted beat down country when it falls apart. To be honest it's not going to fall apart yet. I give them that but as time goes by this will decimate any type of foundry to keep and maintain order in the country. This world is falling apart already and the United States has been the greatest leader there has ever been stepped foot into this world but as new people come into power they are abusing every right they have until eventually they are charged themselves and their rights taken away as well.

I am interested in anyone's thoughts about this. I love my country and I am proud of what America is in general but what it's becoming is another story. Better get to making a new Emerica as far as I'm concerned with someone that knows what their doing. It's been far too long since a real Republican that was good at what he does took office. I miss a good Republican candidate and I believe the best President to ever live was Ronald Reagan.

Better get ready for Emerica and Ralph Nader to be honest. I wouldn't be surprised if possibly either this election or down the road the green party takes a much higher stance. That would probably take at least another 100 years though to be frank before they won but who knows.


Some laws are just bogus and I think a bit radical.