New add-on purchased to Stop Bots. No more Bots for the most part.

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Apr 13, 2018
I just purchased an add-on called OzzModz spaminator.

It has raving 5 star reviews and is supposed to be very effective in stopping bot registrations. Users are reporting thousands of bots being stopped. This should do the site quite well. It's actually simple to use which is why I appreciate Ozzy's hard work. It was only $24 but worth the money.

Now I cannot guarantee it will stop every single bot but we should see very little bots signing up for the most part. The reason I don't like using Xenforo's built in spam system is because you end up stopping more than just bots but on many occasions you end up stopping real people from registering which is not something I like.

However, this add-on is not the case. It simply adds fake registration fields that is coded from the back-end to stop bots. They fill it out and the registration is denied. Simple as that.

We'll see how it does. Though I can assure that more than likely anyone who signs up from here on out will be a real person minus a bot once in a while. Thank you.
Not open for further replies.