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TheLegendLeo youtube channel
Feb 20, 2019
i haven't seen captain marvel yet but I've seen clips of them making her out to be the strongest Avenger which I wouldn't be butthurt about if the team different have Oden son Thor and planet breaker hulk on there. by the way, every Marvel character has different versions of them due to different writers and Oden son Thor is the strongest version of Thor which would ezzz all of captain marvels varients and planet breaker hulk which is one of the strongest hulks literally having the power to stomp dimension in half


MP Founder
Apr 13, 2018
Yeah they've had a lot of marvel characters in the movies recently. Even the one that was an insect recently with that movie called the ant man and the wasp. Eventually I'm sure they will include all the characters. Just have to see what they do :p

Thor was always one of my favorites. His hammer could crush all who opposed