Mail in Ballots and Voter History - All you need to Have Proof


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Apr 13, 2018


Exactly what the title says. I do not think anyone cheated the election. What I'm suspicious of is whether or not mail in ballots could be an issue period.

Who's to say that someone else couldn't stamp a return address on one and then change someone's vote. Yes voter history, the most important part of the election. Why? Because without it someone with one of these would not have proof their vote was cast.

That's the one thing that could keep proof where it belongs, anywhere for you to see.

For Biden supporters, you have nothing to worry about if they can do one single thing, trace each mail in ballot back to each person through their voter history. Each ballot is connected to this so that's all the proof they need to make sure no one cheated in anything or that no one else swayed it regardless of who's responsible.

I just wanted to weigh in on some of you Democrats who may be worried about this. I am a Republican period but I believe in being just and fairness for the people and taking sides isn't important after the fact. All that matters is our President receives proper representation.

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