Leveling System Removed Until We Grow

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Apr 13, 2018
Just a quick announcement. I will actually lock the thread after posting to avoid the announcement forum getting to many posts. I will only make announcements from now on when it's important but this is important enough for me to make one.

I have removed the leveling system for awards but I want you to know that I have huge plans for us to grow and what the system will do for us later.

Will it be added back? I can guarantee you that absolutely it will once we get bigger. Right now it only takes 1 award to be at level 1 but I'm not too fond of users being at level 0 until they reach 60 posts (which is the easiest award you can get). I have huge plans to make this a big part of the site and I am actually serious about it being used once we get bigger. There will probably be somewhere between 40-50 levels though I have not yet decided.

I will shorten the announcement and make this simple. Reputation revamp of the bar will stick, nor will it be removed. The percentage is only the percentage of the bar, not your actual reputation. The leveling system is gone but will return probably sometime after we reach the 2nd goal I plan to post about which is 2,000 threads and 15,000 posts. This 2nd goal hasn't been made yet as we are only 40 threads away from reaching our first goal which was 1,000 threads and 5,000 posts. We surpassed the post goal. Once we reach the thread goal the award I promised everyone who participated on the site before then will be handed out.

To be eligible for the award, you simply would of had to have made 1 single post before we got to 1K threads. I will make note of the date that we do and I will either automate the process or I will make an announcement where you can request it that will stay up for at least a year.

I look forward to the future of Mind Piff and wish you all well during this trying time of Covid-19. Please sign up if you are new and contribute. The smallest contribution towards the site helps us grow and become that much bigger. Contributing posts is valued more then you may realize as it helps us get indexed in Google and helps us get found. Our traffic has increased quite a bit and proves that it's working.

~ TopSilver
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