IS life a simulation


May 4, 2018
So many times i have thought about this it's kinda weird isn't it i mean i do believe in God but the reasons we are alive annd has been developing is because of the conciousness the creator has given us (God)/or smth else (if you are an atheist) but seriously we humans have thoughts about ourself and if we don't have those awareness we might not even reach the modern civilization.

Aliens,fourth dimention,Simulations all of this is what we came up from that conciousness and from the technology we have today but we can't comprehend taht beacuse the creator didn't give us power so in a way i am saying about the great filter where there is a period where we stop growing and possibly destroying each other.

it's kinda deep but a perfect world can't exist with conciousness mind controlling sounds harsh but it's a fact that if we are doing what we are told to the balance has it's favor so for now what we have is just time an endless amount that we can't calculate since waht we don't understand is decrypted with maths and physics. right now we have quantum physics and we have space related which both of these subjects are trying to merge and discover the universe what we don't understand comes from how we think and i can say this straight not everyone can control great power it's beacuse we have lust.

Going back if it's a simulation have you realise that you can exerience you you feel you everything generated all you have is your mind and what you want to do for those again don't believe in reincarnation there are countless of these chances we are in a simulation or that it could end up anytime soon because there is an alpha and omega the begining and the end.

ok that's all i have kinda i've been keeping these thoughts for a long time hope i didn't give you shivers.
So any thoughts?


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Apr 13, 2018
Well the one thing we know is we have a conscience that allows us to know right from wrong. Animals don't have this. And that's what makes a human special. My thoughts on what could be out there is interesting. There's no telling what could be in the universe as we know it. I always thought the universe and other planets could not be reached without traveling into other dimensions. In my humble opinion I believe to travel at the speed of light you are surpassing your own understanding and going into a deeper understanding. Something we don't yet comprehend. With that said, it's also my belief to get to another planet you have to look for what I call "loopholes" or "gateway opportunities. I don't know if you've ever heard the history channel talk about Star gates but it's the same concept. To travel through a star gate you are traveling inter-dimensionally and passing through a wormhole which in turn is "gateway chance" or "gateway possibility". It's my opinion the reason no one has found us is because the universe may go on forever and they just haven't found our gate yet to get here.

On your thoughts about the simulation thing I don't believe that myself but it's still possible or could be a combination of reality and simulation. No one really knows yet. However I personally believe since einstein says "to be or not to be" that as we are put here for a reason that it more than likely is reality with possibly some simulation put in the mix that is less important than our actual purpose. Just my thoughts


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Jul 4, 2018
Sometimes i tend to think like that, i think that our reality prevents us from thinking about something bigger like the universe, its expansion and many other stuff we don't have enough knowledge of. We are just a tiny particle in this huge pile of atoms and everything else that makes possible this debate, i'm not precisely the one you'd call "believer" because even if it's true, things about controlling us, heaven and hell is just a little part of the universe and i'm really sure that any god wouldn't care about our selfishness and the rotten part of our conscience, but anyway, it's cool to think that everything is just like a tape that's being reproduced vividly in our minds, that makes color possible, our eyes that are limited but really feels our senses are able to receive every possible stimulation that exists.

If would be cool that when we wake up from a deep slumber we could be able to change some things. Maybe that's the part that our brain needs to call our situation "reality".


May 6, 2020
Just one of many possibilities, hard to say and even harder to say if death will give us that ultimate final answer. Even if we are just stuck in a simulation, who created the one who created us? How can a simulation program things all the way down to a molecule level? Kind of an endless crazy question really.