Information about updates to the homepage and what I've decided on

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Apr 13, 2018
I've decided not to use an RSS feed for the homepage. Personally this is a general discussion forum and though news is interesting to see and also even though Yahoo news is free to use with attribution, I still feel as if it's plagiarism unless I'm paying money for it.

I have also spoken with Andox88 and we have decided to take down the image slider on the forum page and use the homepage to feature popular forum threads on as sort of a landing page that includes extra widgets and popular threads for users to see when they first come to the site (or otherwise).

I hope you like the update. I'm excited to see what comes of the site and I wasn't too fond of the news on the home page either. I think feature threads is a much better decision in my personal opinion.

We'll see where this takes us. I'm glad I've set this up. Thank you~TopSilver
Not open for further replies.