I want views on twitch

Mr. Cream

Apr 16, 2018
So im here to rant about it. I have been banned so much came back and still continue through the struggle. I have a lot of content to chare and entertain with come and you may see me @ my twitch link is in my signature but im pissed that I have 3.3k followers yet no chatters or viewers half of the time. I havent botted. I love doing giveaways and i do giveaways when peopel chat (4 or more) and the games are good. Cmon mindpiff help a Cream and the creampire out! I have you guys listed as a partner on my site I send people here all the time whether they sign up is not my place to tell them, but at least I tell them about the site especially stuff about mindpiff when asked. So why has no one asked about me here yet. Why has no one tried to come see me? I has a lot going on deaths n the family and what not and i have been streaming over 4 years and keep getting into trouble over bs which isnt my fault yet i hardly have an audience that can help defend. P{lease help.
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MP Founder
Apr 13, 2018
I admire your consistency, hard work - dedication. No one has more drive to do what you do. I wish you hadn't of been banned. I will say that there are better ways to develop an income - Which I have not myself either. I plan to use the site to make money in the future, I willingly admit that. But I plan to include a link-back to CreamTV permanently. It's probably one of the few links I would still have 6 or more years from now.

Mr. Cream

Apr 16, 2018
Well im unbanned now but for how long until some more Political correct bullshit happens...? Anyway put me at the top bro im one of your real friends. Im live now too just come and give me a lurk in the chat and put my volume to 1 and go do other stuff. :)


Apr 15, 2018
i checked you out :D ur stream is not bad but i would reccomend that you use higher bitrate for 1080p, since i noticed you are at 4.5k which is... very low if game ur playing has alot of movement , which then makes ur camera quality barely visible

also you can try 900p resolutioin,it basically looks same for everyone and higher paced games look better overall

Mr. Cream

Apr 16, 2018
Well im having bitrate issues right now where my internet quality dips ill up the bitrate but most of my followers from less fortunate areas cant watch it too high or sometimes even 1080p. Maybe we should work together i need to grow and make this a career i have no choice i have medical bills and need work done.


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Jul 4, 2018
Hi! i saw your lives many times when i was around the platform, but since i've got sick and went to surgery a couple of times then i lost track of almost everything.. but will eventually give a shout or two within these days if you get there again :p


Jan 10, 2021
Focus on improvement over growth Needed to hear this, thanks. My channel is slow going, but every time I post it feels like the best one I've made so far, and that's a great feeling!


Kings Of All Kings!
Feb 5, 2021
This is actually not easy to do in 2020. My advice is to stick with one or a max of three games for a long while to draw in regulars. When you're not streaming, participate in streams (of the same game) with 20 viewers or so regularly, even try and team up with other small streamers and people to get involved. Try and stay away from Big streamers and partners since they won't help or care. Once the smaller streamers know who you are and their viewers know who you are, they will watch you when those streamers aren't live. You'll just get bigger from there! IMO it is much more difficult to achieve viewers when you don't have help from other streamers.

Plus this guy https://www.youtube.com/c/AlphaGamingHouse I get so many good tips from him, he helps allot. Watch his content


Jan 31, 2021
The goal is to find a game that has low amount of people but a high amount of traffic. High demand but low supply. I tend to get around 20-40 views whenever I actually decide to stream for a specific game I won't mention as it's my High demand low supply game (you'll just have to find one of your own :D) once you get that going you'll be golden. Also getting in on smaller games, getting good at it and hoping they get large is another good way. Splitgate is a good example of that. It's a smaller FPS but those who are good can get 20+ views on average with it.

Mr. Cream

Apr 16, 2018
Twitchstrike.net i think it is tells me what games are good to play and what time and who else is streaming them. I see what you are all saying, but I dont think you guys understood me. 4 years mainly a mixtures of the same games, CSGO, COD, Ring of Elysium, FSB2 and occasional horror and new shooter games and stuff like cyberpunk. I focus on growth AND improvement because one will come from the other. I have a whole shticks lined up when the stimulus comes that i am investing into more lighting, green screens, sound production, transition screens, graphics, more costumes. I am very known In ROE and FSB Community and a lot of views come from there and I network with other small streamers but half the time they dont help, and some area groups i have been black listed because i have been banned. (They dont want to taint their holiness.. yeah sure). I am not criticizing anything of what any of you said because I have had these discussions with myself and wanted to know am I the only one? Being banned and other stuff... my story is interesting to say the least and entertaining yet heart breaking... but when stuff like that goes down and you disappear literally people forget about you, sad but true when your a small fry. Hel im willing to give everyone some type of game for coming to my stream and saying im from mindpiff and just getting to know me and vice versa. It will help me know what to give, and trust me I HAVE tons of keys and I will lose track of them very soon if i dont start giving stuff away. Im willing to network with you guys and co stream if possible. I just want to talk to people and share my thoughts and inquire from others, and I've never been one to use gofundme so this is my only shot.
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Mar 23, 2019
I did check you out fairly recently, albeit it was only for about 20 minutes and I can't even remember what game you were playing at the time..

I just don't really get the whole streaming scene, it's a pretty foreign concept to me - spending time watching others game when I could be spending that time gaming myself.. :LOL:


Oct 26, 2020
If you want to views Twitch, I suggest that you look into free and paid marketing options. One of the best free techniques that you will find is word of mouth to friends, family, and colleagues. Hope this helps.


Revillution C.E.O
Jul 13, 2019
You could always add your stream to 3rd party streaming showcases such as this one. As it might help get you more eyes on your content when you go live. Do you utilize twitter at all? do you tweet when you're live?