Hello everyone!


Feb 8, 2019
Wassuuuup guys! I'm Camelion, i'm a :unsure: ... let's say "mediocre gamer" ;), because of the work and everything (i'm 27, don't have too much time for gaming anymore :cautious:, but anyway i continue to play as soon as i have the time, especially the weekends), used to play A LOT some time ago...
For the moment i'm focusing on my work (as a nurse in a big hospital in Brussels :coffee::sleep:...) and on android/web developing, the hobby that i love most and eventually in the future, this will be my main job :geek:.
I'm happy to join Mind Piff and hope to get to know a lot of people, exchange experiences, ideas, and why not, maybe get to work together on some projects ;)
I hope you will all gladly welcome me in!

Thank you :D


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Apr 13, 2018
Nice intro Camelion I've added you on discord and also invited you to the Mind Piff server.

We are new you can say. We've been online for almost 9 months but most activity was in the 1st month and in fact we got 1k posts in the first month before a took a break from things. I don't intend to take anymore breaks but the online time was needed and I think helped out a lot with the way we're viewed by Google so we have a good start. Now we just need people to pitch in with posts.

I'm excited to be active on your site. We'll talk more on discord about link exchanges and so forth. Discord was well worth installing. I'll invite you to some servers. Best way to get started. Anyways Welcome!


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Apr 16, 2018
Welcomevtonthe site, thanks for joining