Graphics Stolen?


Jan 31, 2021
I have, it actually happened after I legalized my company so I contacted youtube (where the word was stolen) and gave them all of the information, the video has been removed since then :) It's not terribly hard to get content taken down in this day in age due to strict policies against theft, especially of art.


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Apr 13, 2018
Logo and trademark commission can have graphics taken down and trademark commission can't change anything on a site (unless it has TM next to it) but are able to file taken-downs on businesses running the same trademark. Which basically what a trademark is, is basically the title of a business so in regards to online, it would need to be an active business. But if someone used your exact same logo and you had the logo trademarked you could have it taken down if it was a business. Public domain laws protect webmasters that do not have an active business. I guess the question is when does public domain have the authority and when-not. I personally found our logo for mind piff on google images.
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Feb 5, 2021
I did make videos year ago, part of the college learning ;) however, the video is private on YouTube, around five of them. Since I made the video and I put it together and helped them. But it's private since I recorded with the person the video and he did not want to be to make it public on YouTube.

SO I have content private but not stolen from me or people that I do things with.