Graphics Card Shortage


Kings Of All Kings!
Feb 5, 2021
So, with covid and fewer people able to work in one location and also the very high demanding on cards since people are for more at home, and what steam says that 50% more people/users are gaming more than ever. So that means people are going to buy cards, out of stock. Even older gen cards are out of stock.

I was looking around and so far I see that a 2080TI for a secondhand card is £800 if not more, crazy. Bad time for buying, plus mining is now picking up and that does not help. I was looking around since my 6GB Vram card was not enough :( and need 8GB or more.

Anyone trying to get hold of a graphics card and you having bad luck that it's just how graphics card shortage it's been.


MP Founder
Apr 13, 2018
I'll be honest with you, one thing that Covid has done is cause a shortage on almost everything. But to be specific anything having to do with gaming. I have noticed a lot of gaming consoles didn't even get a chance to have the right amount of stock until just recent. Was it only in November when both the PS5 and Xbox Series X released and no one could get there hands on one at least well into January-now February. I was lucky enough to get the Series X in December after adding it to my cart and then being rejected. Only then to press the buy button right as the stock alert website came in with stock. Graphics cards I assume may not be as bad of an issue, but I can only bet.


Mar 23, 2019
Graphics cards are available, but as @Empire has said - the prices are just extortionate at the moment.

A lot of them are being bought for crypto mining at the moment, which really doesn't help the situation for legitimate buyers..