Gamestop, it may be Game Over according to last years annual revenue loss


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According to well known news analyst IGN it may be game over for gamestop after receiving their annual revenue report which ended November 3rd of last year. They lost an overall $488.6 million dollars in annual income.

This chart below shows the net gain and loss up to 2017 which should paint a picture for 2019. What could it be that is setting this trend of declining sales in the game market? As some of you know gamestop is the big dog around the US and bought out EB games and other companies already but it seems it just hasn't been enough.

They are losing to digital sale increases. What makes you want to walk into a store and buy a game when you can just buy it digitally now? Use your credit/debit card and buy it and as soon as you do it downloads. Seems to be a trend these days especially with pre-orders. You don't even have to go back to the store when you pre-order a game when you do it digitally because you can even pre-load them now.

What do you all think? Anyone rather have the physical game copy? What makes you a consumer want to go into a store to buy a game instead of having it with the click of a controller button?


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