Four Awards Have Been Altered. More medals also on the way

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Apr 13, 2018
Quick message to all. These four awards have been changed.

- Greeter
- Poster Tier 2
- Ratings Received Mastery 1 Tier 3
- Content Moderator

They all had very light silver/gray backgrounds and did not display good on the site outside of the dark style. I have added a different award for the 4 which in turn look a good bit better. All the other awards are fine the way they are.

I have an add-on for the site called post areas which will calculate your post count for actual forum sections themselves. I plan to add an award for each category and also each section at some point. I may do it sooner then later or I may wait for the site to grow a bit more. We'll play it by ear. Also the level bar will make a return once we have more activity with Level 0 being disabled. Locking the thread to avoid clutter in the announcement section since I have had to post a lot of announcements recently ~TopSilver
Not open for further replies.