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Forced Listening Thread


Apr 14, 2019
This is a fun thread that's been passed around many different types of forums. If you don't know what it is, already, it's a thread that allows you to present music to others as well as expose yourself to different music. How do you accomplish this? First a person must post a song (usually on YouTube, but anywhere it can be easily heard on most computers is fine) and then the next poster must listen to that song. After writing in a decent response, that poster can put up a song and the process repeats itself. Before I begin, I'll lay down a couple of rules:

1. You must listen to the entire song. If you hate the music that's being posted so much that you can't get through it, then don't post next.

2. Only post intelligent responses. I don't want to hear simple one or two word responses like "Pretty good" or "That sucked". Don't be too thoughtlessly insulting or concise in commenting. Put some thought into your responses, please.

3. No offensive songs or videos. Remember, there are people of all ages browsing this forum, so we don't need any detailed descriptions of gang rape or anything.

4. No Rick Rolls or anything along those lines. It's not funny, nor was it ever funny. If you want someone to seriously rate the song, say so, but don't try using it as a lame joke or anything.

5. Follow forum rules in general. If that wasn't obvious enough, that is.