Favorite Text Editor -> IDE?


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What's your favorite text editor or IDE. I prefer phpstorm by Jetbrains. An amazing quality IDE for advanced work. For html, css, and sometimes js I prefer Sublime Text 3.

Sublime text is very organized in my opinion for html and css. Anything like php and advanced js I prefer phpstorm but sublime is amazing for small jobs.

Phpstorm and all jetbrains products are free to try for 30 days and if your in school and can prove it with a .edu email address you get their all products pack absolutely free and no charge to you whatsoever.

If you check them out be sure to go to their individual customers tab as it shows the business tab first which is more expensive. Phpstorm is $89 first year, $71 second year and $53 third year on. When you buy 1 year you get what they call a "perpetual fallback license". This means that once your year runs out you can down grade to the version that was out when you first paid for that year and that version is yours to keep forever. You get the version out when you pay for it forever. This applies to all their products or the all product pack as well.

Sublime text is $80 but has an extended trial that lasts as long as you choose to trial it. There's no time limit on the trial and you can use it as long as you want. Check them out when you get a chance.



Let me know what you all think~TopSilver

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