Favorite Christian Hymns Thread


Apr 18, 2020
Some of the best Christian hymns use direct scripture lines for the wording so you know you're being fed on God's Word. There are hymns that make me cry because of the history of why they were written and there are hymns that sound so joyous (such as at Easter time) that you can't help but smile. I'm not all for having emotional experiences every time in order for a hymn to be good because for me it's about God's word being true and feeding my faith.

Post your favorite Christian hymns/songs/chanting here!

I love this canticle:



MP Founder
Apr 13, 2018
By direct scripture if you mean from Psalms I would have to look to find one I liked. I haven't been able to read much of the bible due to my illness. I see words that aren't actually supposed to be written in it (changed versions). It's like some type of dyslexia but the hallucinations basically manifest themselves. It's hard to explain what's been happening to me. It's starting to go away which is the good news about it. I plan to read the bible more when I have a chance. I remember one verse from Psalms basically saying "I lift up my soul". That's the only part I remember but I liked the way it sounded.