Email Confirmations now Enabled. Be sure to check the spam folder

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MP Founder
Apr 13, 2018
I have now enabled email confirmations. When you sign up you will simply need to click a link in your email. Almost all sites do this now and it only takes a second but it's to help prevent spam and make sure that users signing up are actually real people. I'm sure you can understand.

Be sure to check the spam folder. I've been told most of our emails are going to spam. I intend to do my best to fix this soon. I've already tested the process and works quite fine. I should have the email going to spam fixed hopefully in the near future though I can't guarantee when. Regardless once you click the link, you never have to do it again and you are officially registered.

This is to make sure registrations are 100% legitimate. I appreciate your cooperation. Some bots may bypass this but will be banned if they do or spam the site. I plan to install an add-on that has excellent reviews for preventing bot registrations. Will let you all know when it's purchased. May be a month or so.

Not open for further replies.