Economic diplomacy

Lord Saru

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Jun 6, 2020
Super powers, throughout the course of history has invented new ways to colonize smaller and less powerful nations. In the past, methods followed included physical subjugation using wars and to the present day idea of economic diplomacy and data capturing.

China has taken to subjugate nations by proving large amount of money in loans for developmental activities. When these nations are unable to pay them back, China is asking places to locate military infrastructure in their countries. Same is happening with America who is providing large amount of money as USAID in exchange for access to mineral reserves of Africa.

Do you thunk nations are using their economic cloud to take up new cases of neocolonialization and neoimperialism?


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Apr 13, 2018
Well the United States has done the same in the past over in the middle-east. I wouldn't say they necessarily took over their country but basically still they took over most of the region. Of course this had to be done only because of how much violence and terrorism was over in that area. The United States basically was trying to help them so no harm there. I can see how countries like North Korea may have tried this in the past in South Korea and failed. South Korea won't stand for it. Most countries who ever tried to take over another country would have to be a very large super power as this could start wars. A lot of other countries fear the United States and other bigger nations like Russia because we are a nuclear power. This could give us the ability to take advantage of other countries though I don't think the United States has done this at all outside of war-time tactics that were required to defend the territory. As for countries like China, I haven't heard anything but that could be possible.