Easiest way to start recording


Jan 31, 2021
If it's instructional videos for apps/programs/etc. then I don't even record my face. I personally hate videos of tutorials where the person is in the screen. They take up a section of the screen, and sometimes are actually in the way and it's just distracting. Depending on the instructional video, I will record my screen using Streamlabs, and then edit it in either After Effects and then Hitfilm, or just Hitfilm which is a video editing software. They have a free version but I have the paid. I don't make my own background music but I have access to over 10k background music files I have commercial rights to use and add to others videos thanks to my business :)


Kings Of All Kings!
Feb 5, 2021
Get a good $5000 sounds and recording setup then able to stream and make 4K videos and think ti yourself right now what the flip where I'm going to get $5000 from. End of the day get a GoPro or a good $300 camera and start recording in 1080P at 60hz and then see that goes. If you do have a good smartphone that has a very good camera, then it's far better to use that then a webcam :)