Dream Interpretations


Sep 30, 2020
Some of the time we experience the presence of the dark or maybe something else through the dreams. And it can be pretty dangerous as we can't remember the dreams completely. But some of the times those dreams are coming in our mind with some signs or maybe they are gameplay of sub consciousness. I think a lot of times we ignore but they have some meaning.

Do you have any similar experience? do you interpret the dreams?


MP Founder
Apr 13, 2018
I have interpreted several of my friends dreams and also my own I interpret on occasion. It helps a lot if you know the person as it may not always be so easy to interpret someones dream that you don't know very well. Signs are important. There can a lot of times be signs given of the future and what's to come.


New member
Jan 28, 2021
I too had dabbled in dream interpretations years ago but I have never been textbook anything lol My dreams can be really far-fetched. It's usually what I watched or read about & just becomes twisted. So in a way, "I" made my dreams what they were. I remember having bad dreams when I was a kid & having read to think of something cute before bed. So I would think of unicorns. Bad dreams weren't as bad.