Don't know how to feel


New member
Apr 15, 2018
Like the title says.. i don't know how to feel about retro gaming. I know "OG" gaming but graphics has come a long way. Let me put it like this; To me it's like having a HUGE tv, and then trying to go back to a small tv. it's hard lol. I have went back and played retro games, but.. when i play a game with these intensive beautifully mastered graphics, i just get so much more emersed and it's getting harder and harder to retro game.


MP Founder
Apr 13, 2018
I bought a Nintendo Switch last Christmas and for retro gaming I don't exactly get into it as much but if you consider Zelda, Mario Kart, Mario Odyssey retro gaming then I enjoy it at times. Still wouldn't trade my Xbox One for it. As far as actual retro gaming like NES and SNES, I'll pass.
Apr 18, 2018
Well, to be fair retro games are there for those people who grew up with those games and want to experience what they did years ago when they first played it, its less about the gaming experience and more about the memories it brings back.
Put it simply: Nostalgia