Display the list of possible rewards in Award Requests forum


Mar 16, 2019


Hello Mind Piff,

I really would like to see a notice when in Award Request forum which shows all the awards that you can request for. It would make it so much easier when it comes to picking the one that best fits you.


MP Founder
Apr 13, 2018


Thanks for the feedback. I think I know what your getting at, and that would be to show awards which you are applicable for. Had I be able to find an add-on like that, it would be an excellent idea. However I'm not exactly sure how that could be implemented though I am excited to let you know that I plan on getting an award add-on that is automatic for most of the awards very soon to make things easier. Should have it by August 16th or earlier. It comes with an importer for our current one which is [bd] medal. The add-on is the one by addonflare that I plan to implement. Considering they will be automatic and connected to trophies there will only be a small amount that won't be automatic like "greeter" for example. Anything that has to do with member age, reaction count, post count.... etc will be automatically given. You will also be able to sort them and select the top 5 you would like to appear in your post bit by making them the first 5.

I believe more information can be provided about awards though and as things pick up here I will make a thread about it to explain more about the sorting process. Really the first 5 are what is seen in your post bit but some users don't know that. I'll keep the site updated on this as things progress and make sure the information is easily accessible. I really appreciate your suggestion. Currently custom development of add-ons is not something I have the money to invest in but thankfully I can buy add-ons that already exist.

The way addonflares award add-on works is it attaches the award to a trophy. So with that said I will be delving into setting up official trophies to combine the 2 as well and have the point system right where I want it to be. I appreciate your feedback and thoughts and will leave the thread open for comment.

Thank you @Malcolm

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