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Jul 6, 2020
Award icons don't seem to be appearing on the awards help page using the Ryzer Dark theme.

You might want to add this to your extra.less template
.contentRow-figure {
display: flex !important;

Actually, just noticed the images don't appear when you've uploaded images as attachments so maybe you are hiding them intentionally?


If not, then the code above will make attachments appear again too but if you're intentionally hiding them then use this code to make awards appear on the award page
[data-template="help_page"] .contentRow-figure {
display: flex !important;



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Apr 13, 2018
Thank you for pointing this out dear @Gemma, what would we do without you :p

The theme designer which is Xentr had some arbitrary code intended for an expanded title display that wasn't working. Long story short the title was set to display: none on p-body and should have been only set for the forum_list instead of p-body as it trims the title off every forum post as well. So the forum post titles I don't believe were showing either. I'm a light style user and no one reported this until now. Xentr reached out to me and gave me the title code that I could comment out and then just set it for the forum_list only. The dark style must have been overlooked when making this edit.

The issue is now fixed though. I simply set the display: none on the forum_list only as it was intended. Thank you so much for your fantastic assistance though. This could have gone un-noticed without your advice.
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